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Please read the legal stuff below. I’ve tried to keep it as readable as possible, but alas, some stuff apparently has to be said, whether it’s self-evident or not. The cliff notes version is this: Use your common sense, be a human being, and get in touch if something isn’t right…


All my content is protected by copyright. That means in particular that you don’t have the rights to re-use any of my content (or parts of it) in written or other form, online or elsewhere, in English or in translations, without my prior written permission.

Of course, you are welcome to save a copy for yourself if any of my content inspires you enough that you feel it’s worth saving!

If any content wasn’t created by me, I’m doing my best to honour the copyright of the creators, and to mark their content as theirs. If you should come across anything that you feel is a copyright violation, please get in touch with me so that we can fix it.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links on Path of Open Doors are so-called “affiliate links” leading to offers of third parties. If you click on these links and then buy something, I’ll get a commission. Whenever I use such links, I follow two rules: a. I only recommend what I’d also honestly recommend to my siblings or close friends, and b. the links are clearly marked as affiliate links. If you buy through these links, you support my work here on Path of Open Doors.

And to make sure the legal requirements are met, here is the same information, in more refined words, with regards to Amazon:

Regine Becher is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She also is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and

My Responsibility

I’m doing my very best to ensure that the content on these pages is true, correct, up-to-date, etc. But I can’t guarantee any of that, and I don’t assume any liability. As always, use your own judgement before making any decisions, and contact a licensed professional if necessary.

I’m also doing my best to monitor all the content on these pages. That includes content which isn’t created by myself, e.g. blog comments. But again, I don’t assume any liability for content created by other people. If you notice anything that you feel is illegal or offending, please talk to me.

Finally, it could in theory happen that any of the files or other stuff on this site are causing any trouble on your end. Yes, it’s unlikely, but we all know that some stuff just can happen, especially where computers are involved. I don’t assume any liability for that either.

Website Availability

My sites are hosted with a really good hosting company, but even the best hoster can’t prevent the odd downtime. I’m also reserving the right to change or stop any of my projects at any time.

Outgoing Links

That’s one of the things that should be self-evident, but apparently, according to German law, we can’t be trusted to use our common sense when we surf the ‘net…

On these pages, I’m linking out to other websites, by other people. While I do my best to ensure that the content I’m linking to is correct and legally appropriate, I can’t continously check all my existing links. If you feel that any content I’m linking to is offending in any way, please get in touch.


There we go. As I said, it really should be common sense. 😉