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What are my basic values?

Das ganze Nachdenken über Grundwerte, und darüber, wie sie dir im Alltag helfen… Das ist ja alles schön und recht, aber — woher sollst du eigentlich wissen, was deine eigenen Grundwerte sind? Zum Glück ist es so, dass jeder von

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Everyday madness: How not to lose yourself

Everyday madness: Somewhere between your job, family, emails, healthy living, the expectations of others, between mail from your insurance company and doctor’s appointments… somewhere in between all of that, there is YOU. And sometimes it feels like you’ve somehow lost

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What do I really want?

To know what you really want to do in life isn’t always easy or simple — quite the contrary! The more complex and the more far-reaching your decisions are going to be (“Should I stick with my job, or quit

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Asking the right question

“What do I really want in life?”, that seems to be such a fundamental human question – a question most of us ask themselves from time to time. And alas, it’s not that easy to find a satisfying answer. But

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