Author: Regine

And what do YOU sell?

In some sense, we’re all salespeople. Whether you’re a teacher trying to excite your pupils for Shakespeare’s work… whether you’re a therapist wanting to move your clients to a healthier lifestyle… whether you’re a father and want to get your

Getting rid of baggage

Is there any leftover baggage in your life, weighing you down? Old promises you’ve never redeemed? Borrowed books you wanted to return ages ago? A rain check for a shared dinner? Oder very mundane things like unpaid bills? These old

“I’d never be able…”

Recently, a 24-hour hike… If you’re not familiar with the concept: People get together to hike a certain distance within 24 hours. Sleep is, depending on the length of the route, optional. Instead: lots of miles, lots of altitude difference.

In which position do you need to be to change lives?

People who change the lives of others in some way… who touch, inspire and give a piece of happiness… Who comes to your mind right now? Albert Einstein? Steve Jobs? Mahatma Gandhi? The pope? Barack Obama? George Clooney? Elton John?

Life in the Land of Plenty

Do THEY haunt you, too? They lurk behind each corner, they wait for you wherever you go… In the mornings, right after waking up, when you drive your car, when you talk to friends, at work, when you surf the

There’s always a C, D or E…

There are situations in life when we feel like we have the choice between option A or B — should I stay in my old job, or take the new one at the bigger company? Should I ask for a

The Art of Failing Productively

Remember that I told you about my self-imposed “4 Week Publishing Challenge” on the German sister blog of Path of Open Doors? The main challenge was to publish at least 5 posts a week, for 4 weeks — 20 posts

We all should release more

A few days ago, I’ve encouraged you to consistently release and publish things. But you might have been asking yourself why that’s even relevant to you – after all, you might not be an author, a journalist, and maybe you

Do you practise this “muscle” regularly?

What do you think is the “muscle” that most people train the least? Recently I’ve set myself a “4 week challenge” on the German sister blog of Path of Open Doors. The challenge was, among other things, to publish at

The Rules

One of the most common questions I get about the Path of Open Doors is a very basic one: “How can I do that? How can I find my very own path, my Open Doors?” I fully get the intention