There’s always a C, D or E…

There are situations in life when we feel like we have the choice between option A or B — should I stay in my old job, or take the new one at the bigger company? Should I ask for a divorce or not? Should I risk quitting my job and starting my own company or not?

But this choice between A and B, in most cases it’s a delusion…

A few years back, I stood between such an “A or B” choice myself. At that time, I was a budding entrepreneur pursuing my first online projects (although I have to admit that my early attempts were pretty pathetic – or let me say I learned a lot through my failures… 😉 ).

Anyway… At this point in my life, I basically had the choice between staying an entrepreneur and pursuing my own projects (which clearly wasn’t going to work), or taking a job that I had been offered through a friend (which I just didn’t want to take).

I was torn. Torn between my dreams and safety. Torn between caring for my family by being flexible and working from home, and caring for them by earning money. Torn between doing what I wanted to do, or just giving up.

Back at that time, I was part of a mastermind group with a few great people. So I did what any smart person would do: I asked the group for advice.

The emails I got back were very thoughtful, encouraging, some swinging this way, some swinging that way.

But one guy, David, sent an email with two sentences that have guided me through many situations since:

Two options is not a choice, and I urge you to step back and look at this a different way. There is ALWAYS a third and usually a fourth and fifth option.

This resonated with me on a very deep, profound level. I knew I couldn’t continue like I had, but I also knew I couldn’t just give up and take that job I didn’t want.

So I started looking around for what else I could do, and lo and behold, literally within less than 24 hours, I had found my option C — my next Open Door.

And ultimately, this third option started me down the path which eventually brought me here, to you, at Path of Open Doors…

Since then, I’ve never forgotten about David’s advice. And any time I’ve encountered what seemed like an “A or B” situation, I thought of David and started to look around for options C, D or E. So far, these “other” options have served me quite well…

So next time YOU are in an “A or B” situation, I encourage you to do the same. You might be surprised about the options that are suddently available to you…

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