Tool or restriction?

I confess: I write to-do lists. Happily, and a lot. Und I do that out of pure laziness!

Everything I have to do goes onto such a list – and then I can forget about it for the time being. Whenever it’s necessary, I pull out my list and know exactly what I still have to do. Without overtaxing my brain by having to keep track of all that small stuff.

But the tricky thing about all those to-do lists (no matter whether you do them on paper like me, in some digital manner, or whether you just remember that stuff) is that they tend to constrain you.

All those bits and pieces on your lists aren’t more important than your real, big goals. And not everything that seems to be important really IS important.

The solution: Decide very consciously when you want to work on something “big”, and when you take some time to deal with the trivia on your lists…

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